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Individual Therapy for Expats

Welcome to the Expat Counseling and Therapy Amsterdam office. The first step toward feeling better is exactly what you're doing right now: contemplating making a change.


There’s obviously good reason for your visit here: as an expat in a foreign culture there are so many challenges: a new culture, a new language, a new job just to name the bare minimum. Any one of these can cause a fair amount of stress but all of them together can be life altering and not always in a positive way. 


When your levels of overwhelm become inescapable, you might find yourself struggling with daily activities, setting goals, feeling isolated and alone. 


When I work with you, my primary focus is to make therapeutic space for each issue in session. My approach is a collaborative one: first to identify what areas in your life may need attention, and then to find our way through together. 


In my experience as a therapist and clinical social worker, so many of the pivotal moments we struggle through in our lives can be nearly impossible to navigate without help. And the need for insight-oriented, depth and solution-focused as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy has never been higher. My particular style is often a composite of many different therapeutic modalities, what is known as the eclectic approach.


In my Amsterdam Office, I offer individual therapy around such areas as: attachment issues in relationship, family-of-origin traumas, divorce, separation, sexuality and gender, work-life balance as well as coping with grief and loss. 

My style is relational and interactive; I don't only sit back and listen. We will engage in a therapeutic conversation that moves us gently through any stuck places that we may discover.

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